Saturday, July 08, 2006

A lake side night drive on my motorbike, I reach the point of darkness near Fateh Sagar. I sit and reflect on that enigmatic entity sometimes called life, and other times referred to as anda ka bhujiya. I spend sometime near the lake, looking at the mooon's reflection along with the lapping sound made by the water, truly calming. Then I decide to encircle the lake, with trails of my bike. I reach a turn and I see this large gathering of donkeys, and some women moving them along, with some children seated on teh donkeys. I continue and I realize that this is a moving village of REBARI'S, the nomadic people of rajasthan. They have their livestock, and those waistcoats, with their women decorated, their beds placed on the camels. We park teh motorbike and watch the animals passing by, the chief comes and asks us the esasiest way. He is a tall man with a large moustache. Its all good. We look at these nomadic people , travelling in teh night time, taying away from that confusing mess that refuses to accept them, and places them in the margin. I see us all trying to find their promised land. Tehse nomads have made the whole earth as their promised land. They dont search for better pastures. Everything will do. They must survive amnd with beautiful smils, and traditions that amaze us.

I pass them and wake up the next morning, hoping to see them again, and decide to go the nearby lake, where they are heading. We reach there, and the lake is pristine with mist coming out, quite contrary from the picture of RAjsthan we see. We climb on top of the hill nearby, the beauty of the land amazes me, and I watch the people uniting under us. The wind is moving my body, and my mind is flowing into this abyss of unintended intentions. It is all fluid, and the world is changing. It is all good. hope we can see the fun times, more like this, less like lost chances, because something always comes up. Life allows u permutations and combinations, and choose the best path, hoping to find what those essential beings called the Rebaris have so easily accomplished. We must survive and realize that teh quest for teh perfect land is not a quest byut a realization that this world we inhabit is perfect!!!


Blogger succubus said...

no glimpses of anything even remotely larger than my paunch (or my ass.) gyna is easy to give espically when itis to other people...since youhave the birds eye view of thier life...

9:56 AM  
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